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Before I tried The 7-Day* Weight Loss KickStart, I spent hours in the gym working out and eating meals I thought were healthy. However, I still did not like the way my body looked. Using this program I was able to lose 12 pounds in less than a week and it was a huge motivator for me to continue with the full Social Life Fat Loss System.
Dipo Phillips
Note: results may vary person to person
Dipo Phillips– Chicago, IL


With The Social Life Fat Loss Blueprint I lost about 35 pounds and went from 150 lbs. to 115 lbs.

Nikko Telan
Note: results may vary person to person


Nikko Telan– Gilbert, AZ


I have followed The Health Blueprint programs for over year now. Thank you so much for coming up with this program. I have never LOOKED or FELT better than I do now at age 38. It is truly changed my life!

Note: results may vary person to person


Angelo Kleros


I must FORMALLY THANK YOU speaking from a girlfriends perspective to her boyfriends personal trainer (and friend)… THANK YOU! Mike Flores is looking frickin fantastic!! I thought he was hot stuff before but wow! He looks better everytime I see him and he seems happier. His whole body is transforming! You really have a talent Anthony DiClementi… U make it possible for people to happily work out, happily eat healthy and happily lose weight and actually see results! … Certainly not always the case… So once again thank you!!! — feeling wonderful.

Note: results may vary person to person


Lisa O’Connell


I’ve lost 50 pounds and I’m feeling great, I have a ton more energy, and my mood is much better. The Health Blueprint program is awesome. I feel amazing!

Michael cooper
Note: results may vary person to person


Michael Cooper– Chicago IL


If you crossed Tony Robbins with Dr. Oz… and Rocky… you’d end up with Anthony DiClementi. I seriously love this diet! I’m not bloated or tired and my body feels amazing and clean.I lost two pounds the first TWO DAYS I was on the program.And I’m feeling great!

Thank you… you’re the best!

Note: results may vary person to person


Jessica Blagaich– Chicago, IL


Together, Anthony helped me get to the root of my problems and showed me a whole new way of looking at health and weight loss. I’m so much happier and I can finally say I have a great relationship with my body. In terms of exercise, I hate him… but I love him. His workouts really challenge me to push outside my comfort zone and, as a result, I get results I never would have gotten on my own. The guy’s like a modern day Einstein when it’s comes to getting in shape and creating a happier, healthier life!!!Aldrich Telan
Note: results may vary person to person
Aldrich Telan– Mesa AZ


Following The Social Life Fat Loss System like a madman. I’m down a total of 31lbs. Went from a 36 to a 32. large tee to Medium (for the most part) and 15% BMI to 8.1%. Thank you!

Josh Appelbaum
Note: results may vary person to person


Josh Appelbaum– Milwaukee, WI


Since following The Social Life Fat Loss System, I have lowered my body fat percentage while increasing my energy. My immune system is stronger and it has put an end to my allergies and menstrual cramps as well.

Cheryl Fitzgerald
Note: results may vary person to person


Cheryl Fitzgerald– Chicago, IL



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*Disclaimer: As with any weight loss program, individual results may vary.

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